To best meet your needs, Forum LABO has designed a program tailored to your core business.

Conferences & Trainings

Forum LABO will set up a unique program of conferences and training courses that will be qualified, general, scientific and technical.

Scientific conferences

10 Scientific conferences led by learned societies that will present their work.


10 training courses, led by exhibitors, will provide a qualification on new analytical techniques and technological advances.

ELRIGfr Congress

The 11th ELRIGfr 2022 congress on the use of automation, robotics and laboratory instrumentation will be held at Forum LABO LYON. (Free access but on registration).

Thematic events

Robotic Village

The objective of the Robotic Village of ELRIGfr (European Interest Group for Laboratory Robotics) is to create conditions for rapprochement and exchange between researchers, manufacturers and distributors so that this community contributes to advancing its research projects.

PhD Job corner

The Bernard Gregory Association (ABG) works for the professional development of doctors (PhD), the capacity for innovation of companies and the promotion of skills resulting from training through research.


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