Forum Labo Lyon
March 27 - 28, 2024
Lyon Convention Centre

Education and Employment

As with many industrial sectors, employment and recruitment are key issues for our customers, exhibitors, visitors and students.



The mission of the Association Bernard Gregory (ABG) is to bring the worlds of business and academia closer together by facilitating the professional mobility of PhDs and assisting companies in their recruitment.

APEC helps to bring executives and companies together. It offers a range of services and advice. It assists executives and young graduates in their job search and helps them with the various steps involved.



The 6 schools, partners of the CIFL, will be highlighting careers in scientific fields and providing guidance towards professional training.

1.Université Lyon 1 - Master ITC 

2.IAE Lyon School of Management Université Jean Moulin

3.Lycée et CFA de Chimie et Biologie - La Forbine


5.Université de Grenoble Alpes

6.IUT Lyon 1

JOB DATINGS meetings

They will put visitors and students who are looking for a job, training or work placement, or who are thinking about their career plans, in touch with exhibitors who are recruiting and with the expertise and advice of the ABG, APEC and partner SCHOOLS.