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Consumables for anatomopathology
accessories for histology
sharpening machines
automated staining equipment for histology
automated dehydration equipment for histology
dialysis supplies, casings, cassettes, cells, accessories
cut decrumplers
paraffin dispensers
paraffin drying cabinets
blades engravers
blades, metal and diamond
bench microtomes
mounting media
hot plates for histology
paraffin heated pots
coating stations
_other equipment and accessories for samples preparation for microscopy
Consumables for chromatography, electrophoresis
accessories and consumables for HPLC and CPG, valves, rings, fittings, ferrules
flash chromatography cartridges
GC columns, gas chromatography, GPC
HPLC columns, liquid chromatography
SPE & SPME extraction columns or cartridges
Fast LC columns
small chromatography equipment in glass, glass columns,TLC tanks,
needles and syringes for chromatography
vials, caps, septa
_other accessories and consumables for chromatography
Consumables for cell culture
Petri dishes
cell counting cells
growth chambers, multiwell plates for cell culture, inserts
culture flasks
sterile plastic for cell culture
pouches for cell culture
tubes and microtubes for cell culture
_other consumables for cell culture
Consumables for filtration
caps, funnels, under vacuum or pressure, cartridges
filtration: disk support, vacuum or screw, accessories, cells
filters, glass or paper disk, adaptable to syringes, for bacteriology
reusable filtration material made of glass or plastic
filtration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, macrofiltration membranes
vacuum filtration units for single use, complete
_other small equipment and consumables for filtration and dialysis
Consumables in glass, plastic, ceramic materials, metals, minerals and precious metals
cones and tips, with or without filter for automatic pipettes
films for microplates
plastic and glass cover glasses and slides for microscopy, microarrays
multiwell microplates for PCR, microtitration, high throughput screening,
sterile and non-sterile disposable glass & plastic pipettes,
pipettes maintenance
pipettes calibration
pipettes calibration
blood sampling tubes and microtubes, assay, hemolysis, freezing, centrifugation
laboratory glassware, plastic and stainless steel dishes and containers
_other disposable plastic consumables
_other reusable plastic consumables
_other small equipment made of glass, ceramics, metals,minerals and precious metals
Various laboratory consumables
caps and plugs
cassettes for autoradiographic films
autoradiographic films
parafilms© , plastic films, aluminum foils, polyethylene sheath, bags
_other laboratory consumables

Products, reagents and kits for molecular biology and biochemistry
monoclonal antibodies
specific antibodies
secondary antibodies
immunohistochemistry reagents
immunology and hematology reagents
kits and reagents for microarray detection
kits and reagents for microarray production
DNA microarrays
protein microarrays
enzymes: coenzymes, inhibitors of proteases, enzymes of current use
modification enzymes
enzyme inhibitors
polymerases and Taq polymerases
other enzymes
amino acids
RNA and DNA: probes, genes, promoting genes, banks, chromosomes
oligonucleotides and synthetic nucleic acid
biological products, blood
reagents and kits for the synthesis of nucleic acids
vectors: phages, cosmids and plasmids
_other products and macromolecules of biological origin
enzymatic reagents
reagents and assay kits
reagents and enzymatic assay kits
reagents for analysis of amino acids
other biochemical reagents and kits
quantitative PCR kits
protein purification kits
virus purification kits
in vitro transcription and translation kits
DNA or RNA extraction and purification kits
kits and reagents for ligation, blunting
molecular biology grade reagents
reagents and kits for reverse transcription, cDNA synthesis, PCR differential display
transfection reagents and kits
_other reagents and kits for molecular biology
dyes for DNA and protein
luminescence kits
mutagenesis kits, mutation detection
molecular weight markers: protein and nucleotide
markers for nucleic acids
reagents and kits for cloning, marking, sequencing, detection
developing reagents and kits
hybridization reagents and kits: in vitro, in situ, northern, southern
reagents, kits and membranes for blotting
_other products and kits for marking and detection of biomolecules
Products for biology / cell culture / medical biology
media for bacteriology
media for yeasts
media for inclusion
unit diagnostic tests
Chemicals and reagents
high-purity acids for analysis
technical grade acids
technical grade solvents
GC solvents
high purity solvents
HPLC, LCMS solvents
bulk packaging
various organics
various inorganic compounds
standards for ion chromatography
organic solutions
_other strips, rapid tests

Agitation, fractionation and crushing
propeller stirrers/mixers equipment and accessories
orbital stirrers equipment and accessories
stirrers rollers and / or rotators / impeller equipment and accessories
sinusoidal stirrers equipment and accessories
back and forth stirrers equipment and accessories
agitation and dispersion equipment: homogenizers, heating and non-heating magnetic stirrers, propeller, manual
mixer mills
Disinfection, sterilization and washing of instruments
benchtop autoclaves, vertical autoclaves, accessories
Poupinel ovens
formaldehyde sterilizers
sterilizers with hydrogen peroxide
various electrochemical analyzers
continuous analyzers
appliances for electrolysis
ion meters
pH meters
redox meters
resistivity meters
rH meters
Titrators, titration, potentiometric titrators
_other materials for electrochemistry
Containment cabinets and protection equipment with filtration
controlled atmospheric cabinets
hood filters and accessories
horizontal or vertical laminar flow Class I, II, III; MSC
safety cabinets and fume hoods
UV hoods
microbiological safety cabinets
_other cabinets and hoods (except climatic and thermostatted)
Heat generators
fluid heating baths equipment and accessories
fluid cooling / cooling heating baths equipment and accessories
dry heating baths equipment and accessories, heating blocks or specific racks
sand baths, water baths, oil baths
Bunsen© burners, electric burners
heat chambers
heating mantles
thermostatic cabinets and rollers for cells
vacuum ovens / dryers equipment and accessories, Poupinels ©, CO2 incubators
bacteriological incubators equipment and accessories
universal ovens equipment and accessories
evaporators vacuum centrifuges equipment and accessories
vacuum evaporators equipment accessories
combustion ovens
high temperature ovens equipment and accessories
hybridisation ovens mixers equipment and accessories
microwave ovens for organic synthesis
CO2 incubators equipment and accessories
tissues incubators equipment and accessories
hotplates, stoves
_other ovens, muffle ovens
_other heat generating equipment for experimentation
Coling generators and regulators
refrigerated cabinets / coolers
dry cooling baths (equipment and accessories)
blood banks
compressors and expansion machines for the production of cold
freezers -20 ° C, -80 ° C
immersion coolers, cold traps
specific cryostats, cryovessels
cold temperature recorders
refrigerated incubators equipment and accessories
lyophilizers equipment and accessories
ice machines
equipment and accessories for very low temperatures cryostorage
equipment and accessories for cryogenics: machinery for liquefaction, cryocoolers, cryostats containers, transfer canes, gauges
production of very low temperatures (<100 ° C)
refrigerators and accessories
cold alarm systems
Weighing scales
Small benchtop equipment and accessories
BOD COD analyzers
magnetized bars
benchtop centrifuges for microtubes
liquid dispensers
extruders, mixers, compounders mono, double screw
benchtop microcentrifuges
micropipettes and automatic pipettes, single channel or multichannel
small handling equipment, spatulas, tweezers, stirrers, scalpels, scissors,
melting point
vacuum pumps, vane pumps, dry pumps
pumps for liquids: water pump, peristaltic pump, perfusion pump, dialyzers, gear pumps, manual pumps, centrifugal pumps, dosing pumps, membrane pumps
storage: boxes, racks, refrigerating boxes, sample transport boxes, tube holder
reactors for chemistry
welding machines for plastic bags
Worktops, laboratory storage units and safety equipment
stainless steel benches
Treatment of water, gas and other fluids
water softeners equipment and accessories
cartridges and resins for water and other fluids treatment
controllers for water quality, sterility control,
demineralisers equipment
demineralisers accessories, volumetric tanks, filter or power kits, pressure reducers
distillers equipment and accessories
filtration material for water and other fluids
reverse osmosis units equipment and accessories
production of pure and ultrapure water
_other equipment and accessories for water and other fluids treatment

Medical Biology
CO2 analyzers
anatomopathology analyzers
biochemistry analyzers
molecular biology analyzers
_other Clinical Biochemistry equipment and accessories
repair and maintenance of medical biology analyzers
PCR devices equipment and accessories / thermocyclers
PCR microplate devices equipment and accessories
real time PCR devices equipment and accessories
in situ PCR devices equipment and accessories
quantitative PCR devices and accessories
repair and maintenance of PCR, QPCR devices
electroporators for eukaryotic cells accessories
electroporators for eukaryotic cells equipment and accessories
electroporators for microorganisms equipment and accessories
_other devices for gene transfer
repair and maintenance for gene transfer devices
cell viability analyzers
cell counters equipment and accessories
flow cytometers and accessories
magnetic cell and biomolecules sorters equipment and accessories
_other equipment and accessories for cytometry
intracellular measurement devices
image acquisition accessories
image acquisition equipment
cellular imaging, HCS screening and reagents
biochips readers / scanners, microarrays
scanners and imagers for gels and membranes
_other equipment for analysis and image processing
imaging software, image processing and analysis
image analysis software for microarray scanners
software for gels and membranes scanners
repair and maintenance of imaging equipment, image processing and analysis
microplate storage devices and accessories
controllers for sampling spots on gel and accessories
controllers for high-throughput screening and accessories, HTS
controllers for automation of PCR and accessories
controllers for automated purification of biomolecules and accessories
controllers for automated analysis and accessories
controllers for pre-sequencing and accessories
dilutors dispensers
nucleic acid extractors
proteins extractors
microplate washers and accessories
microplates handler style robots and accessories
_other robots for automated collection, pipetting and sample processing
repair and maintenance of robots and controllers for sampling and sample processing
genetic analyzers equipment and accessories
genetic mutation analysis devices
equipment and accessories for nucleic acids synthesis
sequencers and fragments analyzers for nucleic acids or proteins
_other synthesis, analysis, detection of nucleic acids and proteins systems
laboratory press
repair and maintenance of biotechnology equipment
cryomicrotomes, ultramicrotomes
analyzers for cytological images, cellular imaging
light microscopy devices (transmitted light, fluorescence, UV, IR): light microscope and accessories
Spectroscopy / spectrometry
equipment for diffraction, X-ray diffraction and accessories
equipment for fluorimetry, X-ray fluorescence and accessories
software for diffractometry, X-ray diffraction
software for fluorimetry, X-ray fluorescence
repair and maintenance for diffraction, X-ray diffraction
repair and maintenance for fluorimetry, X-ray fluorescence
electron (AES, EELS) spectrometers and accessories
electron (AES, EELS) spectrometers and accessories
photoelectron spectrometers (XPS, UPS, PES, PEEM) and accessories
_other spectrometry techniques for surface analysis (microprobe, BIS analysis, IPES)
repair and maintenance for electronic and photonic spectroscopy
accessories for mass spectrometry, vacuum pumps,
ion trap mass spectrometer and accessories
Fourier-transform mass spectrometers, FTICR
high-resolution magnetic mass spectrometers, TIMS, multicollectors, isotopic gases
quadrupole mass spectrometers, single, triple quadrupole and accessories
_other mass spectrometry equipment
mass spectrometry software
repair and maintenance for mass spectrometry, control, database
tanks for photometry, spectroscopy, spectrophotometry
microplate readers, EIA assays, ELISA,
luminometers; atpmeters; Fret / Bret
measurement of surfaces
FTIR microscopes
spectrometer / UV spectrophotometer, visible, Raman,
spectrometers for elemental analysis, atomic absorption, AA, ICP OE OES atomic emission
IR spectroscopy, NIR, FTIR, NIRTF
spectrometry software / optical metrology
repair and maintenance for spectrometry / optical metrology
software for NMR spectroscopy, EPR
Separation techniques
proteins, nucleic acids transfer devices
Separation techniques
proteins, nucleic acids transfer devices
chemical analysis
electrochromatography devices equipment and accessories
capillary electrophoresis equipment and accessories
horizontal and vertical electrophoresis chambers: equipment and accessories
double dimension electrophoresis equipment and accessories
electrophoresis combs and brushes
preparative electrophoresis equipment and accessories
electrophoresis generators equipment and accessories
gel dryers equipment and accessories
_other capillary or gel electrophoresis equipments
repair and maintenance for capillary and gel electrophoresis
low speed centrifuges and accessories
low speed centrifuges and accessories
high speed centrifuges and accessories
high speed centrifuges and accessories
centrifuges maintenance kits
rotors for centrifuges and ultracentrifuges
rotors for centrifuges and ultracentrifuges
repair and maintenance for centrifuges
repair and maintenance for centrifuges
repair and maintenance for ultracentrifuges
gas chromatography chains
liquid chromatography chains, HPLC
ion chromatography
ion chromatography
liquid preparative chromatography
ultra-fast chromatography, Fast LC
ultra-fast chromatography, Fast LC
fraction collectors for LC
GC / MS linkages
LC / MS and LC / MS / MS linkages
deaerators for liquid chromatography
detectors for LC, HPLC and GC
detectors for LC, HPLC and GC
thermostatted chambers dedicated to chromatography
flash chromatography
injectors for GC
autosamplers for LC, HPLC and GC
pumps and accessories for HPLC and LC
control and data acquisition stations and software for chromatography chain, integrators
automatic extraction systems, extractors
micro, nano HPLC systems
micro, nano HPLC systems
data processing, single station, multi station for LC
_other equipment and accessories for chromatography and extraction
software for chromatography
software for chromatography
repair and maintenance for chromatography
repair and maintenance for chromatography
Various analyzers
thermal analysis, DSC, TMA, TGA, DMA
CHNSO analyzer
total carbon analyzer TOC
Mercury, Hydrocarbon analyzer...
capsules and reagents for analysis, C, H, N, O, S
repair and maintenance of analyzers

Application de méthodes
Asset management
Data Processing
LIMS and scientific software
_other IT services
Rental - Leasing
Multi-brand Maintenance
Used Equipment
Custom Services


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Thermo Fisher Scentific est le leader mondial au service de la science. Notre mission est de permettre à nos

clients de rendre le monde plus sain, plus propre et plus sûr. Nous aidons nos clients à accélérer la recherche des

sciences de la vie, à relever les défis analytiques complexes, à améliorer les diagnostics et à augmenter la

productivité des laboratoires. Au travers de nos marques - Thermo Scientific - Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen,

Fisher Scientific et Unity Lab Service - nous offrons une combinaison inégalée de technologies innovatives, une

facilité d'achat et une assistance complète. Pour plus d'information, visitez www.thermofisher.com

16 avenue du Québec


Téléphone : +33 160924800
Télécopie : +33 160924900





Consommables pour anatomo-pathologie
Consommables de chromatographie, électrophorèse
Consommables pour culture cellulaire
Consommables pour filtration
Consommables en verre, plastique, matériels en céramique, métaux, minéraux et métaux précieux
Divers consommables de laboratoire

Produits, réactifs et kits de biologie moléculaire et de biochimie
Produits de biologie / culture cellulaire / biologie médicale
Produits chimiques et réactifs

Agitation, fractionnement et broyage
Désinfection, stérilisation et lavage des instruments
Enceintes de confinement et équipements de protection à  filtration
Equipements générateurs de chaleur
Equipements générateurs et régulateurs de froid
Pesée, balances
Petits équipements de paillasse et accessoires
Plans de travail, rangements de laboratoire et équipements de sécurité
Traitement de l'eau, gaz et autres fluides

Biologie Médicale
Spectroscopie / spectrométrie
Techniques séparatives
Techniques séparatives
Divers analyseurs

Application de méthodes
Asset management
Location - leasing
Maintenance multi-marques
Matériels d'occasion
Services à façon

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