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REVIEW OF THE 2015 EDITION : A 11th edition confirming its vocation of boosting business, innovation and research of the exhibition

The 11th edition of the Forum LABO – organised under the authority of the CIFL, ((the Interprofessional Committee of Laboratory suppliers) – closed on Thursday 2nd April after three very busy days: 318 exhibitors, thousands of products and solutions for research, analysis and testing, including a preview of 300 new products. and 8,160 visitors (700 from abroad) from academic research and industry: pharmaceutical, agrifood, cosmetic and chemical, environment and energy, and also from biotechnology, hospitals and clinical diagnostics.

Exhibitions, conventions, conferences, scientific and technical training courses, along with the Innovation Trophy and for the very first time Lab'Meetings (lab business meeting), an "’Art and Science" event, and a special open evening: the success of the 2015 edition lived up to its promises.  The LABO & BIOTECH Forum reinforced its position as an event leader in the laboratory market!


The gamble of a new, more compact format

By making the decision to shorten the exhibition from 4 to 3 days, the CIFL wanted to meet visitor requirements who now have less time available to visit exhibitions. The gamble was a success- the number of visitors increased by 1%. In addition, the exhibition organised an open evening so that visitors and exhibitors could meet in a more relaxed atmosphere conducive to the exchange of ideas.
Finally, the ContaminExpo (an event organised by the ASPEC) was held simultaneously, allowing 310 visitors from their show to also visit the LABO & BIOTECH Forum.


The very successful Lab‘Meetings

The Lab’Meetings confirmed their popularity at the Forum LABO with 625 business meetings programmed at the show between buyers, project leaders, R&D and exhibitors.
181 visitors were able to benefit from personalised meetings with 123 exhibitors to discuss their projects.
95% of visitors said that they were satisfied with this new tailor-made service, business booster, purveyor of efficiency and time saving.
"This is a very interesting service enabling businesses and visitors to make contact and to prepare their meetings accordingly.  I was looking for suppliers and certain interested companies came to me which enabled me to discover new products and perhaps take advantage of other markets".



Innovation Trophies 2015, setting the standards!

The 2nd edition of the Forum LABO’s Innovation Trophy has already gained recognition in the laboratory equipment sector.  Amongst the 76 innovations competing, 13 were nominated and 5 awarded by a jury consisting of public and private laboratory scientists and professional journalists.  In the four categories of the Innovation Trophies – Safety, Miniaturization, Ergonomics and Productivity – there were two new distinctions added this year: The French Innovation Prize and the Visitors Favourite. The trophies were awarded during the evening organised at the exhibition on Tuesday 31st March in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

  • Safety Trophy: HORIBA SCIENTIFIC with Vulcan.
  • Miniaturization Trophy: SMART INST with SmartPart.
  • Ergonomics Trophy: SAFAS with TouchSnakeTM.
  • Productivity Trophy: ENVOLURE with Enverdi‚ÄźDBO.
  • French Innovation Prize : CELENYS with Biomimesys®.
  • Visitors Favourite: ERLAB DFS with Halo.


Art and Science, an exceptional and passionate demonstration

The LABO & BIOTECH Forum, in collaboration with the Molecular and Structural Archaeology Laboratory managed by Philippe WALTER from the Pierre and Marie Curie University, organised a passionate and previously unseen activity: workshops and posters through which the visitors could discover a different, little known laboratory practice each day. Furthermore, Philippe Walter shared his experiences in front of almost 200 visitors, during an exceptional plenary conference on "the art of physical chemistry".
> Six posters on "the hidden secrets of art" illustrating the development of new analysis methods, and particularly the combination of tools such as UV-visible spectroscopy or Raman fluorescence and x-ray diffraction
> Six workshops on "colourings": the reconstitution of formulas for making pictorial substances provided the perfect opportunity to (re)discover work carried out in the workshop by artists.  The more physical chemists begin to understand ancient practices, the more we understand how restricting the substances and techniques were for artists.


Scientific conferences and training courses, a scientific contribution "research booster"

This year, the LABO & BIOTECH Forum set up a conference programme and a series of qualifying training courses: general, scientific and technical.  Two scientific conferences were also held in collaboration with the exhibition:
• 17 training sessions and 7 conferences given by learned companies attended by more than 1,000 participants.
• The SEP Conference 2015 – the 11th conference given by the AFSEP, a French-speaking Association of Separation Science and Coupling – backed the LABO & BIOTECH Forum for the second year running. Three days of discussions on separation techniques, with 261 specialists, 40 conferences and almost 150 posters.
• The ELRIGfr Conference - European Laboratory Robotics Interest Group – French speaking – learned company dedicated to automation, robotics and laboratory instrumentation, organised two days on the theme of innovation at the service of research. 200 conference delegates attended 3 conference cycles, there were 40 posters and a Robotics Pavilion housing fifteen different companies.



  • 91% France
  • 9% Abroad (Especially Europe and Maghreb)

Main French Regions
Île-de-France  57%
Rhône-Alpes   7%

Centre 4%
Haute-Normandie      4%
Pays de la Loire         3%
Nord-Pas-de-Calais   3%
Picardie          3%
Alsace 3%

Research & Development           34%
Salesman, Business manager         20%

Inspections, Quality, Testing, Process       14%
General Management     11%
Technical and consumable purchases           7%
Marketing, Communication   5%
Production, Operation         5%
Maintenance, Safety         3%
Metrology       1%


Academic   32%
Pharmacceutical      22%

Agribusiness         11%
Chemical industry/Petrochemistry    14%
Energy industry/Environment         8%
Cosmetics industry    9%
Clinic/ Hospital / Diagnostic             14%
Army/Police/Police force            1%
Other industries        9%

96% of visitors are satisfied with their visit

82% said they are directly involved in purchasing decisions (users, purchasing advisors, buyers)

Discover innovations                      54%     91%
Observe new trends and market developments        43%     93%

Meet new suppliers                   45%     88%
Meet regular suppliers   56%     97%
Find a solution for project           40%     90%
Prepare for a purchase/investment    41%     92%
Take part in a scientific conference        17%     90%
Take part in training session 10%     89%




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